business support service

Business Support Services

As your company grows, MAL can provide assistance for your business legal, marketing, operational, financial and project management needs. We work closely with each company’s principals and key employees to understand their business model and the key drivers for its success.

Business policy and procedure

    Through our team of professional accounting & legal consultant, we are able to assist your company by reviewing your existing financial and business process. By providing you with a strong policy and simple yet direct procedures, MAL can provide your company with a clearer vision and thus facilitate better and swifter decision making Our scope includes (but is not limited) to the following fields:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Credit & Cash Sales
  • Petty Cash
  • Capital Expenditures

Accounting & HR system

    A proper Accounting & HR system is vital for any company in order to provide timely distribution of proper pay and management of finances. Here are some areas MAL can tackle.

  • Assist in the design of a comprehensive accounting & HR system for your company
  • Improve/Update any existing Account & HR systems due to environment or organization changes in recent future.
  • Update existing procedures for old systems in place.
  • Assist in implementing Account & HR System and procedures.
  • Implementing and advice on common systems such as MYOB, UBS, ACCPAC, as Peachtree
  • IT Services

  • We will assist your company through our connections and partnership with several accounting software companies
  • By carefully studying and analysis of your company’s requirements, we can recommend a suitable accounting software that will fit the needs of your company.
  • MAL is glad to assist in applying for eligible government grants such as PIC and PIC Bonus on your behalf.

Government Funding & Assistance Schemes

    Tap into MAL’s pool of experience and allow us to reduce your business expenses through proper application of eligible grants, while helping your business to grow at the same time. We are always happy to work together with new startups to take advantage and explore the multitude of available government assistance and funding schemes. Some schemes that may be relevant to your company are as follows:

  • Cash grants and Business incubator schemes
  • Tax incentive schemes
  • PIC, PIC+ and PIC Bonus Scheme
  • ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) programme
  • iSPRINT grant

Trademark Registration

    MAL provides assistance for start-ups with aspects in trademark registration. Such examples include trademarking business names/logo/slogans. These are the components that make up our trademark registration services:

  • Performing a Trademark Search
  • Completion and Filing of a Trademark Application
  • Meeting up with the relevant regulatory authority so as to reply to any inquiries that may occur during the application process

HR Services

    As companies grow, the list of employees tends to evolve into a more complex form. According to law, employees’ salaries must be disbursed within 7 days, and an appropriate amount must be deducted in order for deposit into their CPF funds. Not only does one have to calculate basic salary but also a multitude of donations funds, levies and taxes. Managing HR is a burden on a company’s resources that diverts your attention from other important details but nevertheless it’s a task that must be done. Thankfully at MAL, our consultants can handle…

  • Salary Calculation
  • CPF, Foreign Worker Levy, National Service and other Payroll Statutory Contributions
  • Payroll Statutory Reporting (e.g. Tax Clearance and Income Reporting)
  • Keeping track of unique occurrences, such as leave (whether it’s no-pay, sick or annual leave), public holidays or overtime.

Other Business Services

    MAL offers a selection of other business services such as

  • Website and Domain Registration – By partnering your company with other web developers and designers, MAL is able to help you obtain the informative and attractive website that you desire.
  • Registered Office Address Service – When registering a Singapore company, a local business address is required to serve as an official address for any correspondence and communication with the company. MAL is happy to offer you such a business address with features such as a dedicated phone line, fax line and meeting rooms.
  • Provision of a Nominee Director/Shareholder/Agent – All companies are required to have a minimum of one individual director who is a resident of Singapore, one shareholder (Singaporean or Foreigner, Individual or Corporation) and in the case of Foreign companies with an interest in establishing branch offices in Singapore: two foreign staff members/Singaporean residents to serve as agents of the branch office. In the event that you are missing any of these key individuals, MAL is happy to provide you with these Nominees through our services.