Goods and Services Tax, widely known as GST is a broad-based consumption tax levied on the import of goods (collected by Singapore Customs), as well as nearly all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. The current rate of GST is 7% for GST-registered businesses.

It is compulsory for a business to register for GST if its annual turnover is expected to exceed or has already exceeded S$1 million from the sales of taxable goods and services. However, a business with a turnover of less than S$1 million may register for GST voluntarily, subject to the approval of the Comptroller’s discretion. If a business has chosen to volunteer, they must remain registered for a minimum of 2 years and comply with the regulatory requirements.

For the sale and lease of residential properties, financial and international services and the export of goods, GST is exempt. These services are not subject to GST and thus you should not pay extra if you do not have to.

The process of filling for GST can be a tad tedious and cumbersome. Thankfully, our professional and experienced team at MAL is able to assist you.

MAL’s GST Services will assist you in:

  • Keeping details and records of your income and expenses
  • Mathematically working out the figures on the GST incurred by your income and expenses
  • Filling up your GST forms and tracking your GST returns
  • Paying any GST which you are obligated to
  • GST Registration and Deregistration services
    MAL offers GST Registration/Deregistration services. Some of the advantages of utilizing such services are as follow.

  • Personalized GST form reminders that are catered to your specific circumstances
  • A secure, yet simple system for handling GST that keeps copies of all records in one place and thus saving you countless amount of time instead of searching them.
  • Ability to delegate to us or anyone else that you choose for the completion of returns on your behalf.
  • Persistent reminders/alerts when GST returns are close to being due so that you can prepare forms and other documents in advance.
  • Immediate confirmation of information transmitted and acknowledgement of receipt of forms.

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    GST audit
    GST documents submission
    GST Registration and De-registration