MAL that would help your business grow

It is vital for the company to set up a proper filing system to ensure their important data and information is on the right track. Some of businesses are oblivious of the importance of keeping their data in organized manner to run them smoothly.

Businesses are dynamic, innovative organizations will intensify their efforts in order to achieve what they need, and set goals to adjust to new circumstances. MAL, accounting services in Singapore will help you to develop and take positive steps toward achieving your goals.

With MAL specialization in accounting services, has provided the best accounting systems for businesses such as company secretarial, company registration, taxation, bookkeeping, and many more that would benefits your organization in the long run. MAL’s vision will make sure that businesses would reap most of the benefits that MAL has offered for your company.

Benefits of hiring company secretary.
By law, in accordance to the Singapore Companies Act, every Singapore incorporated company obliged to appoint at least one local company secretary for the company within 6 months of incorporation.

A Company Secretary must have a meticulous of knowledge of the Companies Act, as well as to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements such as IRAS and ACRA.

Following are some of Company’s secretary responsibilities:

  • Company Constitution: Check and confirm the company adheres it’s constitution and drafting the company constitution.
  • Report and Accounts: Preparing the “Directors’ Report” and facilitating the distribution and publishing of the company’s yearly report, interim statement and accounts.
  • Share Registration: Keeping track and updating of company registers as well as responding to related questions or matters from shareholders.
  • Corporate Governance: In area of corporate governance, the secretary needs to asses developments, provide a good advices and assist the directors on their duties and responsibilities.

MAL has offered a huge range of accounting services, and firmly believed that business leaders should foster an open discussion as well as fortify a good relationship with others across the organization.

In addition, if you are looking for the simple and less hectic for your registration of your company, MAL will be able to provide the platform for nurturing a pool of dynamic, resilient and competitive global enterprises.

With the right guidance, the businesses would be able to seize the opportunities to broaden their horizons to regional markets.

There are couples of types of business entity to be set up in Singapore, such as Private limited company, Limited liability partnerships, (LLP) and Limited partnerships (LP), Sole Proprietorships (SP) and Foreign Company’s Affiliate.

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