Tax services

All companies must submit annual tax returns to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Profits for the financial year ending in the preceding year will form the basis for filing the tax return in the current year.

A business or company, regardless of locality, is generally taxed on its income accruing in or derived from Singapore or income received in Singapore. Without proper tax planning, you could be paying more tax.

In Singapore, there are multiple tax brackets and categorizations. Some examples include company, partnership, sole proprietor and individual tax services. As each of them have their own individual requirements, it would be a disaster to mix them up. This may lead to mix-ups, delays and bureaucracy and other such issues. MAL Management is proficient in any of them and thus you are guaranteed to have the proper procedures done with our assistance.

Here at MAL Management Services, our team of experienced professionals are able to help you plan out your tax structure in a skilfully crafted manner that will optimize your dollar, ensuring that you only pay what is necessary and not a cent more.

Our Taxation services include:

Tax Optimization Strategy Advice and Implementation
Corporate Tax Computation
Filling Chargeable Income
Filling Form C, C-S or B/B1
Submission to IRAS and Liaise with IRAS on Instalments Plan
Corporate & Personal Tax Compliances